Successful bid result of the auction “Variety of Prints” was released! The total successful bid price exceeded the expected bid price by 211%.

The hammer price of Donald Judd, an artist representing 20th century minimal art, also greatly exceeded the expected bid price.

“Variety of Prints”, a theme sale with various prints from Japan and overseas, was held on December 3, 2021. By participating online, the total successful bid amount reached twice the lower limit of the expected successful bid price, and the successful bid rate reached 93%.

At our first theme sale, the total successful bid amount was JPY 24,800,000 which is twice the lower limit of the expected successful bid price. Many prints from the 1960s to the 1970s were also sold, and the winning bid rate reached 93%. Among them, Donald Judd’s print work “ORANGE RED” and Henry Michaux’ original 5-piece set were sold for JPY 2,828,800 and JPY 2,284,800. (All winning prices include commissions)

Lot 9
ORANGE RED ‒ Donald Judd Woodcut

Lot 37
Nude ‒ Tom Wesselmann Lithograph

Lot 38
Electric Chair ‒ Andy Warhol
Silkscreen on cardboard

Lot 55
Untitled ‒ KYNE Silkscreen

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